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Healing with spirits

Spiritual healing and healing with spirits

Shamans are not mere medicine men, i.e. they do not practice any kind of "complementary or alternative medicine". Their primary task is taking care of spirits, which enables them to, in case, act as a go-between between humans and spirits.

E.g., conflicts between spirits and humans originate when a human disrespects, injures or even kills another human, animal or plant without taking responsibility for his or her spirit. A shaman can then seek to care for the well-being of that spirit. This, under favorable circumstances, may protect the person responsible falling victim to revenge. Of course, there are literally unpardonable transgressions in case of which no responsible shaman will interfere.

Shamans have spirit helpers to assist them. These may be spirits of ancestors, animals or plants. Only in this constellation healing with spirits is feasible. These spirits have a fundamentally positive attitude toward the sick who come to seek help: animals, plants, even humans. They can mobilize energies and thus activate the self-healing powers of the patient. These powers originate in the EARTH, from plants, but also from animals.

What is suffering?

On the one hand, suffering can be caused by the fact that something intrusive afflicts the sufferer. On the other hand, suffering also can be caused by loss, e.g. of part(s) of soul(s). Such ultimate causes are not easy to tell. Nevertheless it is essential to find out as otherwise suffering will unevitably persist.

Suffering within Civilization for the most part is inflicted on humans by fellow humans. This not only pertains to physical suffering, but includes all forms of mental cruelty, ultimately depriving them of vital energy. People taking without giving are omnipresent. They need not actually be present, they also actually may be far away, but remain in the thoughts, feelings and in the nightmares of their victims they haunt. They are energetic parasites that attach themselves to their victim‛s soul and intrude the body and its organs.

The consequences are diseases of all kinds: mental illness, organic suffering, disorders of the immune system, etc. Persons affected usually present themselves, according to their perception that it is a purely physical illness, to a school physician.

It is crucial for the patient to understand that his or her body is not a machine that is brought to a workshop for repair, and after replacement of defective components will work properly again. A body literally is a materialization of soul and spirit. If soul and spirit are harmed, the body unevitably also will be harmed: Psychoterror always also is physical torture.

Often it turns out that the patient has been victimzed by a parasiticperson draining him of vital energy. This is sensed by hand, which receives a more or less strong negative energy from the body.


Aided by assisting spirits, the patient is freed from his negative energy and from the "suckers" of the parasite, which robs him of vital energy. Before he can experience the positive energy of the earth, of plants and animals, this step is necessary to ensure that self-healing powers will not immediately be pushed back or suppressed.